Technology and Innovation

We provide our staff with the latest cutting edge tools and technology to do their job, including:

  1. State-of-The-Art Computer Hardware & Software - Our new DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. latest offering Beyond.Net is written with the power of Microsoft's .NET platform. Beyond.Net features a fully integrated graphical user interface. You now have the ability to monitor your accounts receivable from anywhere in the world.
  2. State-of-The-Art Phone System - Each account representative has a private local phone number, a toll-free number, and their-own private pre-recorded voice message for call-backs to their private lines.
  3. Remote Client Services uses the power of the Internet to save our clients time and money and give you more information faster through secure Transport Layer Security TLS encrypted connections. You can list accounts individually or an entire file on-line. You can view and print individual account information and track our progress as well as access statistical reports when you want them.
  4. Electronic Remittance is available to most clients depending on compatibility. This means that our payments can be electronically posted to the proper account in your system saving you many hours of labor.

Professional Account Management's highly secure computer systems are comprised of a combination of hardware and software solutions, and are constantly monitored and updated per industry specifications and government regulations.

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